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December 07, 2011


Lisa G.

Nineteen sleeps - such a cute way of looking at it. Nice work!


Love that you are making a ginger puppet, so fab!

Crochet is good because you dont strictly need to follow patterns all the time.


I loved the '19 sleeps' comment! My children are spending a large amount of time at the calendar, advent and otherwise, making sure we all know when Christmas is.

Being in the States, I have no idea who Rosie and Jim are! LOL But the idea of making puppets is very cool. I will have to add that to my 'to-do' list! I have never thought of adding stripes to old/too small sweater - very neat.

Went and ordered your book from the library. It looks very interesting, thanks for mentioning it!


And thank you for your visit and very nice comment.


Lots of projects. I hope to see the finished puppets, they seem very challenging : ) Only 19 sleeps? I better get back to making gifts lol.

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